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Welcome to our Asian Pluriselect home page drhans-inc.

We are a producer and worldwide supplier of labware optimized for cell separation and particle filtration for research in life sciences, medical research, agriculture science, botanic, mineralogy, oceanology, environmental science, and more. Our main aim is to supply you with high quality products and best possible services, ensuring your experiments are free of hassle from the shopping experience to the finish of your experimental work.

Choose your separation method according to the distinctive differences between your target particle and the non-wanted impurities.

What makes your target particle
different from the rest of the sample?


We offer 7 Strainer Families from 1 um to 1,000 um mesh size


We offer different Density Gradient Media and unique separation devices

Unique epitopes?

When there is a specific antibody – there is (or will be) a specific pluriBead

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